March 11, 2015

get outta my way

Most blog posts are written out of emotions. That, is true. 

Hello, did you really just use 'Yours faithfully' to end an email, an informal one, that is. Did you really think I have eyes on my back or my side, or did you think I don't have ears. Was it even hard to open up your mouth or was it really hard to pronounce my name. Oh my god, I am enough of someone creeping by my side, just standing still until I noticed his presence. If really if you have so much time to spare, seriously, just don't spend it in such way man. And. Are you a caveman dude. No another "better" old-fashioned, (extremely) conservative person I've known, and conservatively speaking, will know. And. Dude. No one owes you money. Stop putting up that face like we owe you shits. Jeez, I haven't had this in a long long time- a person that I have totally completely no desire to talk to. Any communication skill you can think of will die on this person. 

Man. I can't even. 

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